1.85mm Male to 1.85mm Female StabilityPlus Low Profile Cable Assemblies


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Maury's 1.85mm Male to 1.85mm Female StabilityPlus™ Low Profile Cable Assemblies sets the standard for high-performance ruggedized microwave/RF cable assemblies. Designed specifically for phase-stable and amplitude-stable applications, Stability Plus™ offers excellent measurement repeatability even after cable flexure. Stability Plus'™ Low Profile Cable Assemblies light weight, superior flexibility and small form factor make it ideal for daily use with PXIe instruments and high-density connector components (i.e. switch matrices).

Stability Plus™ Low Profile cable assemblies are now part of the ColorConnect™ family! Following the proposed IEEE high-frequency connector/adapter color convention, Stability Plus™ Low Profile Cable Assemblies offer clear indications of compatibility and intermatability. ColorConnect™ makes it a simple matter to avoid and eliminate damaged equipment, degraded equipment reliability, degraded performance and lengthy maintenance times due to improper mating (and attempted mating) of incompatible interconnects.


  • Connector 1: 1.85mm Male
  • Connector 2: 1.85mm Female
  • Frequency Range: DC-67 GHz
  • Typical Phase Stability with Flexure: 6 degrees
  • Typical Amplitude Stability with Flexure: 0.05dB
  • Please download data sheet for complete specifications

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