1.85mm Female to 1.85mm Male (Extended 83) StabilityWafer Microwave Cable Assemblies


SKU: SW-185-FM83-36


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Maury's StabilityWafer™ series sets the standard for high-performance on-wafer probing RF/ microwave cable assemblies. Designed specifically for on-wafer measurements, StabilityWafer™ is incredibly light weight and flexible to facilitate easy installation without sacrificing electrical performance, resulting in stable and repeatable measurements.  Its small profile allows for tight spacing requirements, while its availability with straight, right-angle and extended 90˚ and 83˚ connectors make it optimal for connections to probes on all makes and models of probe stations.

StabilityWafer™ microwave cable assemblies are now part of the ColorConnect™ family! Following the proposed IEEE high-frequency connector/adapter color convention, StabilityWafer™ microwave cable assemblies offer clear indications of compatibility and intermatability. ColorConnect™ makes it a simple matter to avoid and eliminate damaged equipment, degraded equipment reliability, degraded performance and lengthy maintenance times due to improper mating (and attempted mating) of incompatible interconnects.


  • Connector 1: 1.85mm Female
  • Connector 2: 1.85mm Male (Extended 83 degrees)
  • Frequency Range: DC-67 GHz
  • Typical Phase Stability with Flexure: 5 degrees
  • Typical Amplitude Stability with Flexure: 0.15dB
  • Please download data sheet for complete specifications

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